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Settling Children into Childcare: Our Top Tips!

The New Year brings new starts. Whether it be a child’s first day in childcare, starting in a new room, with a new educator, or even a return to childcare after holidays. These new starts make for an emotional and unsettled time for both children and parents. Here, we share our top tips on settling children into childcare.

If a child is starting childcare for the first time:

  • Orientation Visits: Before their first day, we encourage parents to bring their child in for one hour long Orientation Visits. This gives the child the opportunity to meet their teachers and become familiar with the new environment, while having you there to comfort and assure them.
  • Tell us a little about your child: We also ask parents to fill out an “A Little About Me” form which gives our educators an overview of your child’s routine, their likes, dislikes and more. The more we know about their little personalities the more tools we have to help settle them.

When your drop off your child:

  • Don’t rush off: We recommend staying with your child for five to ten minutes for the first few days. When you arrive, direct them to an activity they might be interested in, watch them as they participate in this activity, or even try reading them a book.
  • Say goodbye: When it is time to go, we recommend telling your child you well be leaving, when you will be returning and of course saying goodbye with a hug and a kiss. Saying goodbye often makes it easier for the educators to settle your child. On the other hand, it is important not to linger as this may be unsettling for the child.

When you pick-up your child:

  • Earlier pick-ups: If possible, we encourage parents to collect their child earlier for the first few visits. The shorter days can make the child happier and the day seem more manageable as they adjust to their new environment.
  • Talk: Talk to your child on the way home about their day. Use your journey home as a valuable opportunity to reconnect with your child after your day apart. Sing together, ask questions about their day and activities they participated in.

Tips to help parents settle into the childcare routine:

  • Be organised: Plan their outfits, pack their bags the night before, or do some dinner meal prep to make childcare evenings easier. A little organisation will go a long way when it comes to settling you all into a routine.
  • We’ll call you: For our new starters, we will call you half way through the day to give you an update on how your child is going.
  • Call us: You are also welcome to contact the centre throughout the day to check on how your child is going.
  • 3:30 pm update via Parent Portal: Missing your little ones? Log into our Parent Portal to get an update on your child’s day. Gush over photos, read about all the activities they have done and view their daily eat/sleep charts. Login in to the Parent Portal here:  Parent Portal


Sometimes a cuddle is the most important thing!  We understand how emotional settling children into childcare can be for both children and parents.  We want to assure you that our educators will comfort your child by giving cuddles and positive reassurance and keeping them occupied by playing with them.

We’d also like to assure you that settling children into childcare can take some time, however the majority of children do eventually settle. Perseverance pays off in the end as you will have a happy and confident child. Good luck!