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Thank you to all our families who donated to our annual Christmas Drive for Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

About Us

The Grove Academy are an exclusive group of early childhood services that specialise in providing the best quality child care and education for children from birth to five years. At The Grove Academy, we are dedicated to extending young children's opportunities, potential and future success in learning. Using only state of the art facilities, we encourage children's learning and experiences well beyond all expectations.

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RMH Partnership

At TGA we are passionate about our local community! We believe the local community is one of our most valuable resources and in turn, give back in any way we can. As such, The Grove Academy hold multiple special events throughout the year in support of various causes and celebrations.

Family Involvement

The Grove Academy values the ideas, skills and knowledge that all family and community members may have, and we encourage their contributions into our service. We promote an Open Door Policy where family and community members are invited to contribute to our daily centre programs and any special events that occur at the centre.

Grove Develop Program

The Grove Develop Program builds the roots of a child, and guides individual life paths distinctively, guiding and transforming individuals to their greatest potential. The following graphic outlines all aspects behind The Grove Develop Program, which caters for each characteristic of a child's development.

Grove Fruit Market

We have now introduced the Grove Fruit Market! The children will have access to locally-sourced, fresh produce for morning and afternoon tea! This community involvement initiative will encourage healthy eating, support self-help skills and promote a healthy lifestyle. You can lookout for the Grove Fruit Market in the foyer of any Grove Academy campus!

Grove Martial Arts

At The Grove Academy we are aware that coming to an unfamiliar environment can be overwhelming at the best of times. As Educators, we assist children to cope with new rules, new faces and unfamiliar surroundings. This is where a healthy self-esteem will prepare a child for their new surroundings and ultimately boost their level of confidence and set them up for success.

Grove Decor

The Grove Academy has architecturally designed each centre with your child and family in mind. When you walk into one of our centres, you will immediately get a sense of the welcoming, nurturing and home like environment that The Grove Academy is renowned for.

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Free Parent Handbook

The Grove Academy Parent Handbook outlines the great features behind our services. Please download our Parent Handbook by filling out this form.

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